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Credit Managers

Our credit teams are responsible for balancing risk and reward and actively working alongside our Profit Center Managers and their customers to achieve financial success.

As a Credit Manager, you are empowered to manage your office on your own terms. Credit Managers partner with the Profit Center Location Managers to make credit recommendations that allow for successful business growth with our customers. The Credit Manager’s skill in managing and negotiating sound financial strategies through customer relationships results in win-win opportunities. These activities define our Credit Managers as leaders within our organization.

We are seeking candidates with a 4-year college degree in a business discipline or those interested in changing their career path. Our preferred candidates are motivated, responsible individuals looking for a customer-facing career opportunity in finance. In our program, Credit Management candidates will be exposed to the industries, customers, and markets that CED touches every day, where they will gain financial knowledge both through educational training and hands-on experience for 2-3 years. As a Credit Manager Trainee, you will have the opportunity to travel to the locations in your division to meet with managers and customers. Along with that, there may be traveling required for external training.

“I chose CED because it would give me the opportunity to manage risk and be responsible for financial decisions that would benefit a company. Something that was really important for me when I was job searching was the ability to really make an impact through the decisions I was making. CED allows trainees to get hands on experience working directly with locations and making really important decisions.

CED’s Credit Management Trainee program really is an investment in the trainee. The program provides the trainee with challenges and experiences to help them grow and also provide them with enough resources to help them learn in any given situation. Overall, the credit trainee program has been a really good experience and I cannot recommend it enough to College graduates looking to make important decisions early on in their career.”

Grant Janek
Credit Management Trainee
Photo of a man, Grant Janek, an intern at CED

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